International Innovation Summit 2018 invites eScience CEO Ricky Dagelet as one of the panelists

International Innovation Summit 2018, with the theme, Human+Tech: Philippines’ Capitalizing on Digital Disruption, the most anticipated flagship industry event, invites CEO Ricky Dagelet to be one of the panelist in the breakout session “The Great Debate: Opposing Forces (Products versus Services).

Photo source: International Innovation Summit Facebook Page

International Innovation Summit is an annual conference in the IT-BPM Industry that tackles the “global trends and developments shaping the industry’s present and future (International Innovation Summit, 2018).” Leaders, heads, and CEO’s of different tech companies in the Philippines come together to discuss the recent development and future in the IT business.

In the breakout session themed The Great Debate: Opposing Forces (Products versus Services), speakers talk about the differences and synergies in the business model used by an IT company. Dagelet along with other panelists including Winston Cruz of Accenture Advanced Technology Centers in the Philippines, Beng Coronel of Pointwest Technologies, Magellan Fetalino of Acudeen Technologies, and other leaders in the Tech business discussed the impact of providing products vis-a-vis services of an IT or software company.

eScience Corporation follows the software as a service (SAAS) model where provide products (mobile solutions or application) that can be used by our partners for a span of time depending on the terms of agreement. eScience provides the license of the product for a certain amount of time based on our clients’ subscription.