eScience conducts PocketWiSE Sales Force Effectiveness training with Vimal Group of Companies in Myanmar

Before the official launch of PocketWiSE Sales Force Effectiveness (SFE) in Myanmar, one of the leading pharmaceutical companies in Myanmar has already started using PocketWiSE SFE for their sales/medical representatives.

Vimal Group of Pharmaceutical Companies in Myanmar is one of the leaders in the Burmese pharma industry with VE Pharma and MEYER serving as their subsidiaries. Vimal operates in the Philippines and Myanmar which are already using PocketWiSE SFE in both countries. Vimal group is also a distributor of the famous Vitabiotics (Vitabiotics-Well Family) in Myanmar.

eScience team lead by Vanj Victoria (3rd from the left), eScience Project Manager and Nu Pyae Hlaing (3rd from the right), eScience Myanmar Executive Assistant led the user training with Mr. Vipul, Marketing Manager of Vimal (4th from the left) and the rest of Vimal team.