Potato Corner chooses eScience mobile POS system

The well-known potato fries chain in the Philippines is now a partner of eScience Corporation. Potato Corner has chosen Pocket Venta, eScience mobile POS (Point of Sale) system to automate their store transactions and operations.

Before using a mobile POS (Point of Sales) system, Potato Corner did their field sales transactions manually. However, problems arise as reports are often delayed because due to the time and effort it takes to generate. Some stocks from the stores are not replenished immediately and there is no way to oversee the condition of each store.

Potato Corner decided to get the best mobile POS (Point of Sale) system to improve their store operations. They chose Pocket Venta to be their mobile POS to oversee and monitor their sales, inventory, deliveries, and tracking in real-time. The management can easily look into each stores’ transactions including the product movement. They can easily see what products are trending or have the highest sales for each store without waiting for a daily report because field data is synchronized in real-time.