E-Science is an award winning international software solutions and integration services provider which designs, develops, integrates and maintains business applications to enable enterprise solve complex, mission-critical business problems. We currently specialize in Mobile Applications for the Enterprise, Customer Retention Programs, and Mobile Commerce. The company is a pioneer in providing high-impact products and applications that capitalize on emerging mobile technologies such as Mobile Tablets (Android and iOS), 4G, and location based services.

The company has its roots when it developed and launched the Asia's first "virtual mall" called e-Store exchange. In year 2000 E-Science pioneered mobile electronic commerce allowing transactions to be paid via mobile phone. Since then, E-Science has consistently been an innovator, providing cutting edge solutions for the mobile. Through its 15 year history E-Science has served customers in the Philippines, India, China, Indonesia, Russia, Malaysia and Hong Kong.

Numerous international awards have been won for its product innovation and quality. Its mobile solutions have been well received by the FMCG, Health Care, Distribution, and Retail Industries, with over 10,000 active users. In the many years of the company, it has consistently provided excess of 99% uptime on its services. Through its partnership with Amazon AWS, it now has over 50 major customers hosted in the cloud around the globe with no major disruption in service reported.

E-Science People and Company Culture

E-Science's exceptional people and family-oriented culture are our greatest strength, our unique advantage, and our most important asset. They are the heart of our success, and are behind the innovative solutions and extraordinary customer service and support we deliver.

We attract talented, passionate, and committed people who share the essential core values that define our organization: integrity, god-centeredness, excellence, innovation, teamwork, and customer focus. We thrive in a flexible and dynamic work environment founded on openness and communication. We embrace diversity, nurture innovative ideas, and encourage every employee to be an active architect of a better organization.

Our commitment to our clients is unwavering. Our greatest reward is contributing true value to your organization and having a direct, positive impact on your success. We realize our own success depends on yours, our commitment to you could not be greater, and we won't let you down. With almost two decades experience creating, implementing and supporting innovative mobile solutions, we provide you unmatched industry knowledge, expert resources and timely response. We engineer innovative mobile solutions that are easy to implement, use and maintain. With over 15 years' experience and more than 1,000 successful implementations, we've refined our application, methods and processes to help you get up and running quickly and realize immediate and lasting benefits. Typical implementation are complete in 3 weeks or less. Your time to value is immediate, users and administrators are operational on day one. Our track record of successful multi-site, enterprise implementations is a tribute to our depth of expertise and experience.