Inefficient in handling your store data? Don't worry because Pocket Venta helps you record and monitor your sales and transactions automatically, and generate sales reports in real-time. Pocket Venta is a mobile POS for your business. Catering retail businesses like Potato Corner, Pocket Venta has been widely used for a more efficient and productive field sales operations.

Offline Use

record sales transactions, expenses collection, cash flow, bank deposits, and other store information using an entry–level mobile device or a low-end mobile phone even offline


monitor and summarize all field sales operations (sales, inventory, delivery tracking) through its intuitive interface in just few clicks

Real-time Field Reports

produce immediate real-time field data which means after every sales transaction all data can be automatically synchronized to the head office

Intuitive Features

Barcode scanner, web portal with dashboard containing analytics and summary reports, and the feature to capture deposit slips and discounts are just some of its features.

Do you want to verify your product's movement in your consignment business? The mobile solution widely used in FMCG's and consignment businesses in the Philippines and Indonesia is here for you! Pocketwise Retail records: sales, collection, inventory, deliveries, stock transfers, product returns, and even customer loyalty and retention. PocketWISE automatically computes your sales to further incentivise more sales in your outlets because we know that commission in your busines is important.

Data coming from PocketWISE can be sent to your ERP system, or to the mall operator’s system for proper recording, and audit of transactions. Lastly, PocketWISE Data is processed by an innovative analytics tool to give you better insights of customer purchase behaviour and trends.


sends field data (sales, delivery, collection, inventory, and other retail data from department stores) to the management (headquarters) in real-time through wi-fi, 4G or 3G network

Reasonable Cost

PocketWiSE Retail runs on basic mobile phone that can transmit data quickly and securely without any interruptions.


Don't take your eyes off of your daily store activities and verify how your products move in your stores. Through Retail, you can easily determine what products are popular among your customers and the ones which are still on shelf.


Make a proactive decision by knowing your store analytics immediately. Retail helps you generate immediate reports without taking too much of your time and effort. All analytics are readily available through the application.

Monitoring your sales pipeline and developing a sales report out of these data at the same time could be a hassling task. After calling for leads, setting schedules for your meetings, you still have to develop a report for all your sales activities. Instead of following up your opportunities and leads, you still have to document and monito each of your call.

How to effectively and easily manage your customer details, schedule meetings, and generate you weekly sales report? SOLE will help you do the task. Sales, Opportunities, Leads, and Engagements (SOLE) is a CRM application that allows you to document helps you monitor and document all your sales activities. Also, it helps the management monitor each sales rep's activities.

Customer Database

Manage and record all your customer contacts through SOLE. With SOLE, you can encode your existing customers, possible customers (leads), and customers nearby through a map within the application. All your customer data can easily be sorted and filtered for a more efficient use.


SOLE can be used both offline and online. Whenever or wherever you have meetings, you can quickly use SOLE for note-taking, and presenting your product details. Once you connect to wifi, 4G or 3G network, all your data will be automatically synchronized to management's the web portal.

All-in One CRM

Taking notes during your meeting, audio recording of your appointment, interactive calendar for scheduling your sales activities, and a GPS location to determine your meeting place and customers nearby are just few of this apps all in one feature.


SOLE can work on low-end mobile phone and only needs a Wifi, 3G or 4G network in synchornizing field data to the management's web portal. This CRM app can still be used even offline and will work wherever or whenever you schedule your meetings. If connected to an internet, user will be notified of any data change and udpates will automatically be pushed to the device.

PocketWiSE Sales Force Effectiveness (SFE) is a well-known mobile application in the pharmaceutical industry in the Philippines with more than 15,000 active users. This app is used in the pharma industry for easy monitoring and evaluation of their medical and sales representatives. SFE boosts the sales productivity and efficiency of the users and helps the management in making proactive decisions.

SFE gets rid of the tedious paperwork and non-verifiable reports. Through this app the management can oversee all field activities immediately because the field data are automatically synchronized to the management's portal.

Verifiable Data

All data from the field visit are confirmed through a doctor's signature. A GPS location and timestamp the exact details of the rep during a visit. All data will be synchronized to the management portal to verify whether the representative was able to visit their planned doctors each day.

Automatic Call Reports

The users no longer have to manually input and compute their call performance because the app can easily and automatically compute their call performance and field visits. All data are readily available on their app's dashboard which is visible to both the user and the management for monitoring.

Paperless Monthly Plan

The main feature of SFE is the coverage plan where the representatives can efficiently schedule their field visits since the list of doctors, classes, and hospital assignments in their territory are all indicated. The intuitive calendar helps the reps efficiently plan effective field visits for the whole month.

Interactive Detailing Aid

You no longer have to bring any paper with you may it be your call report, detailing aid or piece of literature. This mobile app comes with a built-in detailing aid where doctors can easily navigate and choose from based on their preferences.

PocketWiSE for Managers (PM) App is a partner application of PocketWiSE SFE. PM App allows district managers to create and plan their "work with" schedule with their medical or sales representatives. This also helps the managers to coach their reps in visitng the right doctors and in creating an effective plan for the day.

PM App also helps District Managers monitor tens and hundred of medical representatives in different territories in a much more efficient and productive process by automating all administrative tasks and eliminating errors due to tedious paperwork.

Coaching Tool

PM App is mainly used to coach the medical representatives on their assigned tasks. District Managers are able to determine the aspects where each rep has to improved on for better sales outcome. This app helps the manager to see better ways to cover the territory.

Monitoring and Developmental Plan

District Managers can create their own itinerary if they plan to join the call or visit of their representative. They can also oversee each plan or itinerary made by their reps. More importantly the manager can view both the pre-call and post-call notes on the SFE app.

Broadcast Message

This allows the district manager send messages to their reps, comment on their itinerary plans, and immediately give their feedback before and after the rep's covergae or field visit.

Effective Assistant

PM App works like an effective assistant that gives both the reps and managers better ways in their coverage including faster and more efficient routes during visit.

PSM or PocketWiSE for Sales and Merchandisers is a mobile application used in transmitting trade activity data from the field to the management wirelessly or through 4G network. PSM can run even on a low-end android phone to capture and transmit data in real-time. This app is widely used in FMCG's and household consumer goods companines to monitor daily inventories, stocks, sales, share-of-shelf, off-take, expiring goods, and other important data available on their stores or outlets. This product has been widely adopted across FMCG and household consumer goods companies with over 5000 daily active users.

PSM has already been in the market for a decade helping FMCG's oversee their field sales transactions in real-time for effective and proactive decision-making. The management can easily access the product movement giving them accurate basis in making effective decisions to boost their sales.


You are good to go with just your andoid phone. This mobile app is easily accessible without investing on expensive or high-end phones. You can also save up your expenses because you no longer have to invest in a LAN network because data synchronization can be done using your phone's data.

Instant Trade Activity Data

You have easy access to your sales, daily inventories, stocks, share of shelf and deliveries which means that you no longer have to finish one working day to access your store data. You can immediately know if your stocks have run out, has been delivered or returned to your store.

Real-time Sales Reports

Your store's analytics including the trend, graphs, and detailed report for each product from your store are generated using the app. You no longer have to manually encode which products were bought from each day for a span of time because it is already generated automatically using PSM.


Access all your reports in just few clicks. With PSM, you can easily generate data without undergoing a tedious process. No more complicated buttons, modules, and menu. PSM is a straight-forward app which can be easily navigated and used in your stores anytime and anywhere.

PocketWiSE eDTR is a mobile application that allows manpower companies check the daily time record (attendance, breaks, time-in, time-out) of their field personnel including their GPS Location from the time they press time in. Data generated from the phone is automatically sent to the management where they can review the attendance and location of their field personnel in real-time. As a result, they can easily know who was present, absent, or late in the assigned store of their personnel.

eDTR also comes with a photo-taking feature and captures the GPS coordinates to verify the location of the personnel. In addition, the date and time of the device cannot be altered giving the management accurate information on when the personnel arrive and leave their assignments.


Time-in, time-out, and break-time can already be monitored by the management immediately. You no longer have to wait for a day to generate the attendance of all your field personnel. Through eDTR, your personnelcan file leave request and change day-off schedule.

Camera feature

eDTR prompts the field personnel to take a selfie photo in front of their store assignments for confirmation of their attendance. This data together with their time and location details will be synchronized and setting to the management for review and monitoring.

Real-time Location

You can now access the real-time location of your field personnel to verify their attendance details whether they really arrived in their assignments. This will also help the management to fill absent personnel immediately.


eDTR uses a three-way authentication which includes User ID, Password and device IMEI to ensure that each log-in is unique to one user and to validate every attendance made in the device.