Pocket Venta is a secure and feature-rich mobile POS (point-of-sale) solution made by eScience (www.electronicscience.com) that gives you the ability to record sales transactions, collection, inventory, cash flow, bank deposits, and other store information using an entry-level Android Smartphone or Tablet. With an intuitive and user-friendly application — discounts, promotions, customer rewards, and taxes are automatically computed for each transaction — creating more efficient operations. Data from the field are accurate, complete, and on-time. POCKET VENTA also comes with a website that allows management (or the store owner) to view store transactions and reports in real-time as they are received from the field. Data gathered from the store is sent over-the-air (Wi-Fi, 3G, 4G) and can be uploaded to your ERP/Accounting system for processing. This eliminates tedious paper work, minimize errors, and streamlines the business process, giving you that competitive edge.

Sales Opportunities & Leads Engagement (SOLE) is a sales productivity platform that gives your field force personnel access to information they need to be effective in their work. SOLE allows them to easily and quickly manage leads, contacts, deals, opportunities, and interactions using their mobile device. The system also works offline and synchronizes data with a Cloud-based server. SOLE offers a wide range of graphical reports and analytical tools to give valuable insights on the opportunities, leads, deal progression, profitability and much more.

PocketWise Service Desk (PSD) is a workflow automation system and a collaboration tool that allows for the creation of electronic forms with drag-and-drop ease that users can fill out online and send directly to the head-office for routing and approval on real-time basis. PSD users can conveniently communicate with each other using built-in collaboration tools that allow them to track the status of submitted forms at every stage of the approval process, attach multi-media files, and provide audit trails of any changes made. Forms are routed based on a predefined work flow, which can be approved using a simple web browser app running on a PC, laptop, or even using an Android tablet or an iPad. PSD accelerates the delivery of form-based information and lowers your cost by eliminating paper work.

PocketWISE for Sales and Merchandisers (PSM) is a Handheld Application for transmission of trade activity data wirelessly. It makes use of basic Android Phones to capture data. Without investing in expensive phones, the customer can monitor their daily inventories, stocks, sales, share-of-shelf, off-take, expiring goods, and other important data available on stores/outlets where their products are being sold thru this application. This product has been widely adopted across FMCG and household consumer goods companies with over 5000 daily active users.

PocketWISE for Retail is a Mobile Application used to capture information in real-time such your POS, and inventory data in off-line or on-line mode. It makes use of entry-level Mobile Phones with mobile data/Wifi to send the information to the head office for processing.The application can also be connected to a portable bluetooth barcode scanner, and bluetooth printer for faster search of products, and printing of sales transactions. The application can also be connected to a portable bluetooth barcode scanner for faster search of your products, and processing of sales transactions. Promotions, discounts, prices, new products, and special offers can be defined in the system and pushed over-the-air to the mobile device. Cash movements and collections are recorded for deposit to local banks.

Aside from sales, collection, and inventory, the application can also monitor deliveries, stock transfers, product returns, and even customer loyalty and retention. It also supports discounts for special groups like senior citizens, and other groups defined in the system. Commission for your store team is important, PocketWISE automatically computes this to further incentivise more sales in your outlets.

Data coming from PocketWISE can be sent to your ERP system, or to the mall operator’s system for proper recording, and audit of transactions. Lastly, PocketWISE Data is processed by an innovative analytics tool to give you better insights of customer purchase behaviour and trends.

PocketWISE is a mobile application designed for Field Representatives like Sales and other personnel covering customers or retail stores. PocketWiSE leverages the built-in capabilities of the mobile device to capture details of the customer interaction such as product presentations, orders, collections, proof of visit, and trade marketing execution. It uses the GPS of the tablet to check the route efficiency of your field personnel thereby increasing productivity.

CUSTOMER LOYALTY SOLUTION – is a system that rewards customers for their loyalty. We have implemented a Patient Retention Program for a leading health care provider around the world. The loyalty system integrates with corporate database for CRM and Analytics. This has been used by over 20 million users across Asia. E-Science also deployed a Customer Loyalty Project for a skin care company in the Philippines with over 37,000 active users.