Acabar Marketinng International will now use SOLE CRM for their field operations

eScience Corporation, a leading IT and mobile solutions provider, conducts user training with Acabar Marketing International, a manpower agency in the Philippines last October 15. Acabar will start using the CRM app developed by eScience called Sales, Opportunities, Leads, and Engagements (SOLE).

Over 1,600 Acabar Marketing employees has already started using SOLE. With the SOLE CRM app, the management can easily monitor and track each activity of their manpower who uses the app. Attendance, sales pipelines, meetings, calendar, customer details, and opportunities are all indicated in SOLE CRM.

This mobile CRM also helps the users present to clients using the interactive files in their apps and automatically send reports from their phones to the management in real-time. They no longer have to do the hassling paperwork for days because field data can be automatically monitored by the management upon synchronization.