New Mobile CRM app in the Philippines

eScience Corporation developed a new Customer Relationship Management (CRM) app which can easily be used through your mobile phone. Sales, Opportunities, Leads, and Engagements (SOLE) is the new mobile CRM application developed by eScience and is launched in the Philippine market last May 23 at Makati Shangri-La Hotel.

Eager to know more about the SOLE CRM app, hundreds of guests from various industries in the Philippines attended the launch. The innovative features and user-friendly interface of SOLE was appreciated by the crowd who showed interest in the app’s features.

CRM is a sales productivity platform used by companies to segment their customer groups to easily respond to their customers’ needs. This is a process used by companies to determine the strategy they need to boost sales performance and to easily track client account information. Moreover, a mobile CRM solution can help the companies effectively manage their customers and sales pipelines. To avoid the paperwork done and the passive excel sheet, eScience developed a mobile CRM that helps the companies manage and oversee each of their sales pipelines efficiently and effectively.

More importantly, eScience team showcased how SOLE can resolve concerns related to manual recording of sales leads, meetings and opportunities. The team portrayed different scenarios on how SOLE can solve problems associated with manual paperwork such as delayed reports, missed opportunities, non-verifiable meetings and many more.

SOLE, one of the fastest growing mobile CRM Solutions in the industry, continues to reach thousands of field personnel helping make their sales work better.