Sales Force Automation for Van Sales and PocketWiSE for Sales and Merchandisers featured in Samsung Business Technology Summit

Samsung Business announced its initial plans to deliver enterprise mobility solutions for a number of industries last July 21-22 in Marriott Hotel Cebu. Once implemented, the plans are expected to help create an enterprise mobility ecosystem based on Samsung mobile devices. The new ecosystem will be designed to build on the popularity and reach of Samsung's mobile innovations.

The new plans are to add to Samsung's broad portfolio of devices, wearables and enterprise mobility solutions so users can benefit from SAP Mobile Platform and have more secure and simple integration with SAP's ecosystem. It is intends to combine and allow the extension of enterprise applications in a secure intuitive manner to the extended workforce and help provide businesses with shorter time to market, quicker access to revenue streams and improved real-time decision support to executives and the workforce.

As a market leader in market devices and solutions, Samsung knows how to bridge consumer expectations for what a premium mobile experience should feel like with a readiness for the enterprise environment. E-Science is proud to be one of Samsung Business Philippines' technology partner. PocketWISE SFA for Van Sales and PocketWISE for Merchandisers PSM were featured in the two-day summit where Samsung's industry partner vendors are gathered.

The collaboration between Samsung Business Philippines and E-Science is expected to create new opportunities for developers to build solutions that can leverage the integrated offering from Samsung and E-Science on mobile devices. The parties plan for mobile applications and user experiences to be engineered to help take advantage of Samsung device capabilities, thus aimed at giving a competitive advantage to workforces that use Samsung mobile devices. This approach is expected to help facilitate web and mobile developers to innovate with Samsung, and the large System Integrators ecosystems of both companies may be enabled to more quickly create vertical solutions that can address the needs of the market and the game-changing opportunities in the mobile solutions arena.