Franchise Asia Philippines 2018 features Pocket Venta and PocketWiSE Retail

eScience two new product developments join the Franchise Asia Philippines held at the SMX Convention Center last July 20 to 22. These two new products are part of the PocketWiSE series of eScience. Pocketable Wireless Solutions for the Enterprise (PocketWiSE) has been the brand and trademark of eScience products that best describes the applications and mobile solutions that the IT company has been developing for over 19 years. eScience has been developing application that runs on mobile devices which are used to automate the operations of companies from different industries.

PocketWiSE series are mobile apps that helps FMCG, retail and distribution, warehouse management, and pharmaceutical companies to automatically send real-time field data to the management portal or headquarters using a low-end mobile phone and 3G/4G/Wi-fi network. This solution helped 80+ companies in the Philippines make proactive decisions for their field stores and operations.

Due to a demand for a portable mobile point-of-sale (POS) system from the growing franchising industry. eScience developed Pocket Venta to help companies monitor sales, delivery, inventory, and tracking deliveries in real-time. A mobile POS system uses a mobile phone (Android or iOS) to function as a typical cash registers found in stores. The difference between MPOS and a regular cash register is its cloud-based feature which lets you transmit your store and sales data upon synchronization of the device to the management web portal for easy monitoring and verification.

On the other hand, PocketWiSE Retail answers to the demands in the consignment and retail industry. This mobile solution helps mall department store consignees track product movement through the app by monitoring sales, deliveries, stock transfers, product returns, and even customer loyalty and retention in real-time.

Currently, Pocket Venta and PocketWiSE Retail are used in food carts, food kiosks, and retails units for cosmetic brands.