World Balance (CHG Global Inc.) partners with eScience

World Balance, the famous footwear brand known for producing all kinds of quality shoes chooses eScience Corporation to boost their sales productivity and efficiency using PocketWiSE Retail. eScience and CHG Global Inc. (World Balance) held its first kickoff meeting last October 18.

World Balance is one of the current 80+ partners of eScience. Before using PocketWiSE Retail, they manually process each transaction and manually record inventory and deliveries. Reports generated from the stores took days or weeks to finish which contributes to delayed decision-making and reporting.

World Balance chose PocketWiSE Retail, one of PocketWiSE series developed by eScience, to automate all their stores and field process for a much more efficient reporting, proactive decision-making, and productive sales force. PocketWiSE Retail helps them oversee all their sales, deliveries, stock transfers, product returns, and even customer loyalty and retention from all of their stores.