eScience family travels to Taiwan for a 3-day company outing

We are serious and dedicated in developing mobile solutions but who says we don't know how to have fun? Every year, the whole eScience family goes out of town as part of our annual company outing. This year we went out of the country! eScience explored the home of Jerry Yan (Dào Míng Sì) and Barbie Shu (Shan Cai) this 2018.

We value our hardwork and perseverance as much as we value fun and motivation. eScience makes sure that every year all of us would go places and enjoy sceneries we have never seen before. We value eScience's greatest assets—our people so we make sure that every year we have something to look forward to. And this sets us apart among any others.

As we stayed in our hotel, we held a program and general assembly to recognize our hardworking employees for 5 to 10 years. We also watched presentations from the locals in Taiwan.

As we roam around the City, we found good food, good people, and good sceneries. We enjoyed the rich Taiwanese culture which is evident in their infrastructures, buildings, artworks, and people as well.

This annual company outing is not just an “outing” but an amazing new experience for each and every one of us at eScience. Imagine a company who wanders abroad every year!