eScience conducts first Sales Kick-off Meeting for 2019

“We innovate. We inspire growth. We move as one. We are eScience.”

eScience kicked-off 2019 with a battle cry to unite and achieve one growth and one innovation this year. We believe that if we move as one, and strive hard for our one goal, we can make everything possible—we can create a difference, and we can make our client’s field operations better.

Each year, eScience continues to reach new heights and to achieve new goals. This 2019 during our first Sales Kickoff, we pledge to continue serving our clients with excellent service and develop new products that will make our partner’s field process better. eScience’s goal for this year is to continue expanding and changing the field operations in different industries in the Philippines, Indonesia, and Myanmar, for the better.

We will launch new features, developments, and innovations this year to further improve and grow as and IT and mobile solutions provider.