Are you struggling with your field force process?

Still relying on manual process?

Do you have to go through tedious paperwork and endless administrative tasks over and over again? Every. Single. Day.

Delayed and incomplete reports?

Does your sales report consume so much time that you cannot even make a proactive decision?

Unproductive field force?

Have you ever lost an opportunity because of inefficient field sales operation? Or even lost some sales due to inaccurate data?

All companies, from industry giants to start-ups have probably experienced how tough and frustrating it could be to do business in an environment where there is
no other choice than to make reactive decisions. Why not opt to make life easier? Why not simplify business processes? Why not try eScience business solutions?


Let eScience make everything better for you

For almost 2 decades of business under our belt, eScience has learned how various industries work, their challenges and
the best solutions for them. Armed with this knowledge, we are able to support our clients in their goals and ventures.

What does eScience do?

Develop mobile solutions that send field-data to the management in real-time thru Wi-fi or 4G network.

Use Software as a Service (SaaS) model for a cost-effective and easy-to-implement service

Provide solutions boost sales productivity and efficiency.

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With eScience, your opinion matters.
We always consult with our clients to identify their needs and preferences so that our solutions are aligned to theirs.
We can configure our mobile solutions and applications based on your business requirement.