Pocket Wireless Solution for the Enterprise - Sales Force Automation (POCKETWISE SFA), is a Handheld Application for capture and transmission of field sales data wirelessly via 4G/WIFI/GPRS using a Mobile Device. This application is ideal for Retail, Healthcare, Distribution, Van selling, or any industry with a large and dynamic sales force that to sends and receive information wirelessly to and from the head office. This has been deployed to over 10 large customers with over 3,000 active users.

PocketWISE for Sales and Merchandisers (PSM) is a Handheld Application for transmission of trade activity data wirelessly. It makes use of basic Android Phones to capture data. Without investing in expensive phones, the customer can monitor their daily inventories, stocks, sales, share-of-shelf, off-take, expiring goods, and other important data available on stores/outlets where their products are being sold thru this application. This product has been widely adopted across FMCG and household consumer goods companies with over 5000 daily active users.

PocketWISE PLUS for Supervisors, Account Managers and Auditors (PPLUS) – is a handheld application for transmission of store audit data wirelessly via 4G/Wi-Fi. This automates the supervisors or account managers' usual trade-check activities. Field users could input data directly to their mobile phones for Out of Stock items, Shelf Share, Product Activations, New Product introductions, Inventory, etc. It also makes use of the device camera to capture display layout and other trade activities. PPLUS has been deployed both to government institutions and to the biggest names in the FMCG industry. To date it has more than 1000 active daily users.

PocketWISE for Sales Force Effectiveness (SFE)– is a handheld application for companies in the Health Care Industry which promote their products to health professionals and pharmacists. The field personnel can input coverage information, given samples, location data, doctor's feedback, and even signatures. Like the other PocketWISE products, transmission of data is done wirelessly via GPRS/4G/Wi-Fi and can work on offline mode. Included in the application are mobile and web based dashboards with over 30 different reports that can be used to analyze the call coverage. This application has been widely used among the biggest pharmaceutical companies in the Philippines with more than 3000 daily active users.

CUSTOMER LOYALTY SOLUTION – is a system that rewards customers for their loyalty. We have implemented a Patient Retention Program for a leading health care provider around the world. The loyalty system integrates with corporate database for CRM and Analytics. This has been used by over 20 million users across Asia. E-Science also deployed a Customer Loyalty Project for a skin care company in the Philippines with over 37,000 active users.